The 'Ekahi Mural

On November 20th, 2011 we unveiled a new mural depicting historical and cultural images special to the Waipahu community.

This Mural showcases the history of how Waipahu's community grew united as they embraced peoples’ diverse traditions and culture.

The Mural depicts the Hawaiian word 'Aloha' through historical and current symbols from Waipahu's past and present. First is a rendering of the historical Arakawa's store logo, 'A', then 'L' from Oahu Sugar Mill's smoke stack, the 'O' from the puka (hole) of a 'Ukulele, the 'H' from the sugar cane once grown in the Ewa Plains and the second 'A' depicted from the peak of the Mountain from which a 'gushing stream' flows into a lo'i (taro patch), where a Poi Pounder and 'umeke (bowl) is at the ready to make the traditional Hawaiian staple, Poi.

Waipahu means 'Gushing Water' in the Hawaiian language.

'Ekahi means 'From Many, One'

Ekahi Mural Aloha Detail

Titled, “'Ekahi,” the mural is located on one of the Leoku St. exterior wall of our restaurant. It is the first of several large scale murals planned in Waipahu, an old sugar plantation town. Murals are “a universal and time-honored medium in which youth and art can bring together a community and become ‘'Ekahi’.

 The Mural artist were led by Dulce Ramos, Team Coordinator, 808 Urban Junior Board, Waipahu Division.

808 Urban promotes sustainability for low-income communities through self-determination, political and cultural awareness, and leadership development. The Community Murals Program of 808 Urban seeks to beautify neighborhoods and promote community pride.



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