Lau Lau Making | Highway Inn

Come and watch as we hand make our lau lau at Kaka‘ako

Our lau lau. Handmade with love. A tradition in Hawai‘i.

Watch us hand make our lau lau at Highway Inn Kaka‘ako every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
between 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

What goes into making our mouth-watering lau lau? It starts with a bed of luau leaves. Pork shoulder and a cut of salted butterfish are placed inside. It’s all wrapped in two tī leaves with the stems tied in a traditional Hawaiian way with a knot at the top. “It takes a lot of strength to keep it tight,” says Monica Toguchi, owner of Highway Inn. The lau lau are steamed for about two hours, slow-cooked to seal in the flavors. Hot, fresh and delicious, the tī leaves are snipped right before serving.