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Frequent Diner Program
Earn Rewards When You Dine With Us!


Join our Frequent Diner program—it’s free and earns you cash back and other rewards throughout the year. Sign up through the link below or ask your server to register you. (Frequent Diner members who joined before January 2022, please read our FAQ below for important info.) Points can be earned and redeemed across all our locations and through our online ordering system.

Program Benefits:

  • Earn 5% cash back on all restaurant food, beverage, and merchandise (tax, gratuity, gift card purchases, and catering excluded)
  • Receive a welcome gift when you join the program
  • Double Points Days! Earn 10% back on these special days
  • Hau‘oli Lā Hānau — Register your birthday and we’ll send you a special reward to celebrate each year

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Frequent Diner Program FAQ

As of January 2022, our Frequent Diner program has changed over to a new system. If you are experiencing trouble, please e-mail us for help.

  • I was a member of the dining program before January 2022. Why do I have fewer points in my account now? I didn’t use them. Don’t worry, you may have fewer points, but you have the same cash value (5% of your purchase). Our old system required 20 points for a $1 reward; in our new system, 1 point = $1.
  • My old Frequent Diner account said I had $XX cash balance. Why don’t I see that in my new account? Gift card cash balances tied to our old program cards remain on the cards. Treat the card like you would any other gift card. (Check the back for instructions on checking available balance.)
  • Do I need to do anything to activate my account if I was already a member? Yes, be sure to confirm your account details (phone number, birthday) and opt in to the program to ensure you receive your rewards and alerts about special promotions.
  • Why can’t I access/update/create my account? (I’m getting an error or “account already exists” message.) We apologize, but during the transfer process, some emails and phone numbers were unable to be matched together to a single account. Or, we may have had more than one phone number or email on file for you and/or a member of your family. If you are having trouble, email us with the following info: Name, phone, old Frequent Diner card number (if you have it). If you suspect we may have a different phone number on file, please provide that number.
  • Do I still need my physical card or my old Frequent Diner program number? Before discarding your old card, check to see if you have any remaining gift card cash balance; cash balances from the old cards do not transfer to our new system. You’ll need the card to use your remaining cash, and you can continue to reload it with funds. You do not need your old card number for the new Frequent Diner program, as long as you have registered your phone number and/or email — once you register, your phone number is now your member number. If you have never connected your phone or email with your old card, be sure to do that first.
  • How do I earn points on my online food orders? Make sure to log in to your account before starting your order! Click on the account icon ( ) in the upper portion of the order screen to start.
  • When/where can I redeem my cash back earnings? Once you have accumulated $5 in rewards, you can redeem your rewards cash. Give your server your account number when you are ready to pay. You can also redeem your points in our online ordering system; be sure to log in before you start your order. Click on the account icon ( ) in the upper portion of the order screen to start.
  • Do I earn points on everything on my bill? Points are earned on all restaurant food, beverage and merchandise purchases, as well as online orders (you must be logged in to earn points). Tax, fees, gratuities, gift card purchases and catering invoices are excluded.