Traci Rosado Fernandez

says she feels lucky to be surrounded by so many good cooks. “I don’t feel like I’m the one person that cooks for the family. We have so many excellent cooks—starting with my Grandpa Rosado, then my mom, my aunties, mother-in-law, sister and my sons!” Growing up, her grandfather Raymond Rosado, Sr.’s Puerto Rican Chicken Stew was “by far” one of her favorite meals. Traci grew up in Aliamanu, where her family lived for generations since the neighborhood was first developed. Throughout her life, Traci and her mother had attended Tupperware parties and been consultants off and on. She is now an Elite Two Star Director with the company. She is a passionate non-profit volunteer, working with a number of organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life Magic Island and Youth Suicide Prevention.

What is the background of this dish?

It goes back over seven decades, at least. It takes me back to my childhood when I was so blessed—and spoiled!—to have such good food to enjoy, made by my Grandpa Rosado. He whipped up the most ‘ono dinners by 4:30 p.m. everyday. He made everything from scratch—pasteles, bread and of course gandule rice. He always had an achiote plant to use for his recipes. I learned from my Aunty Elena that this stew had its early origins in the family’s tradition of going out to the chicken coop in the backyard where my grandpa would kill a chicken for that night’s dinner. The kids would boil hot water in a huge bucket and were responsible for plucking all the feathers. Once it was plucked, my grandfather would chop it up and make the scrumptious stew!

Why is cooking so important to you?

I really believe food is the way to everyone’s heart. As a Tupperware consultant for 25 years, I have been able to share my love of cooking and homemade food through cooking classes for my customers. I’m passionate about helping families get organized and prepare quick, easy and delicious meals. I am so happy to share this particular recipe. I don’t ever want it to vanish—I want it to be carried on forever!

Grandpa Rosado’s Puerto Rican Chicken Stew is our July 2019 Tūtū’s Kitchen dish

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